Top 10 Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily

Vegetables are one of the most essential ingredients of our diet. It is essential to add vegetables to our diet in order to stay healthy and fit. Vegetables contain different Vitamins and minerals in them and can be tasty, if cooked and presented properly. Some of the vegetables are seasonal, while some grows throughout the year. Some vegetables can also be re-grown. So, here is the list of vegetables that could be regrown easily:

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily1.2

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily


The garlic starts sprouting at times and the little green shoots over its head are very bitter to taste and cook. You can use these sprouts by putting then in glass of water rather than throwing them away.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily1

  • The regrown sprouts has milder taste than the garlic cloves
  • They can be added to pasta and even to salads as a garnish

Carrot Greens

The rooted end of the carrots are usually thrown away or chopped off. You can put these ents of the carrots with little water in a dish.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily2

  • Set this dish in well lit windowsill
  • You can use carrot tops as salads or as a garnish


These can grow completely to the scallions in 5 days. This is also called green onion and it can grow from the scraps.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily3

  • Leave about an inch attached with the roots
  • Place them in a glass with water
  • The new scallions will come in few days

Romaine Lettuce

If you have an intact stem of romaine lettuce from its head then place this stem in a bowl having half inch of water.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily4

  • Put it on a windowsill.
  • The new leaved will come within 2 weeks
  • The plant will be grown within 3-4 weeks

Bok Choy

This plant can be re-grown like romaine lettuce by placing its root end in water in a well lit area.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily5

  • You need to transplant it in the pot after one or two week
  • It will take 4 weeks to grow with full head


You can plant the discarded root from onion directly into the pot in soil and let it re-grow. It can be harvested early.

container Onions

  • Wait for the bulb to develop fully
  • You will get fresh green onions


Ginger is the root similar to the onion. It can be planted directly in the soil to grow.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily7

  • It will take a few months in sprouting out
  • You can harvest it within 8-10 months

Sweet Potato

You might have heard about the potatoes Sweet potato is also similar to the potato, but it has a sweet taste. This potato can be grown by burying the mother potato into the soil. It will take little time to turn into the plant and yield fruit. You can even plant the potato tuber in the soil.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily8


Mushrooms are generally found in moist environment, where nights are cool and they are the group of fungi. They are very tricky to grow.

Vegetables that could be Regrown Easily9

  • Cut down the stem part of mushroom
  • Bury it to the soil
  • It will start to grow in few days with new heads or will rot up


Cilantro can turn to the roots, if the stems of the plant are placed in glass of water.


  • When the roots turn long, plant in on the pot
  • It will take few weeks to grow to new sprigs
  • It will grow to full plant in few months

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