Top ten Trekking Destinations for Adventure Lovers

However, people like to go for picnic on hill area for adventure and enjoyment. Besides that when it comes to know that they decided to go for trekking, isn’t so amazing. People love to do adventures activities whether its Sky diving, river rafting, racing and trekking. But sometimes, these adventures destination are not so easy to find out. And we are going to talk about trekking destinations for adventure lovers. Our planet has enormous adventure destinations and all we need is just to find them. And here we represent top ten trekking destinations for adventure lovers to get rid of the finding problem.Top ten trekking destinations11

Top ten trekking destinations for adventure lovers

Adventure keeps us healthy and happy as it also it gives us the unforgettable experience and memories.

GR20, France: This adventures trekking takes almost 15 days to go through and here walkers can find the beautiful scenic view of nature. It’s near about 168km to trek and this is for serious walkers who determined about snow stretches, torrents, glacial lakes and more than that.
Top ten trekking destinations1

Inca Trail, Peru: This trail was laid by Incas and is about 33km all over there traversed by the thousand each other. This leads from sacred valley to the Piccu around the mountains with three passes on route. While trekking through the mountains, beautiful white clouds makes it magical place of weather.Top ten trekking destinations2

Pays Dogon, Mali: The Dogon, known for skit dancers and is one of most highlight trekking place for adventures lovers. This place is also known for breathtakingly region of trekking. Soaring cliffs made it extraordinary destination for adventure.Top ten trekking destinations3

John Muir Trail, USA: This is challenging trek area in North America and one of the finest hike starting from national park covering 200miles.
Thick pine forests
Summit Whitney
Glacier canyons
Backpacker on the Bishop Pass Trail, John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California USA

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland: There is one benefit for walkers that you don’t have to go so far for trekking. By considering the health fitness one should have their own food and water also. A lot of things are cable car. There is famous place Reichenbach falls, where Sherlock Holmes meets end fighting.
Skinning across the Konkordiaplatz on the Aletsch Glacier.

Himalayas, India: World’s greatest mountain range, in India and is challenging for trek lovers. Being isolation, one can try trekking in Himachal Pradesh to let the adventure keeps alive. The hikers who are hard-core should try Ladakh and mountains tops of 24 days from Ladakh.
Top ten trekking destinations6

Overland Track, Australia: Its prehistoric looking is accessible on 80km, near about five to seven days far away from starting point. Walker can also enjoy the view of St. lake- Australia’s deepest natural lake. To make a trekking more adventures, walkers should go for waterfalls and summits as well.Top ten trekking destinations7

Baltoro glacier & K2, Pakistan: This is the world’s second-highest peak and corridor of ice leads to peak of K2 (8,611m).
Most humble scenery on planet
Granite pyramidal mountain
Great trango tower (6,286m)
Top ten trekking destinations8

The Haute Route, France-Switzerland: It mainly demands the high level of fitness so better to make yourself fit and healthy. This is one the best opt as trekking destination for adventures lovers, leading from Chamonix of France to Zermatt of Switzerland.
Top ten trekking destinations9

West Highland Way, Scotland: By walking through 96 miles, Scottish highlands definitely makes you will awesome. The greenery of nature made it an eye-catching destination for adventure lovers. Here weather is unpredictable always in summer or winter, so make sure to take some rain coats.
Top ten trekking destinations10

Conclusion: Experienced adventures lovers always says that the best way to discover a country or any place is to walk on ground, talk with near local people and sleep under the sky in open. We shared amazing adventures destination above, hope you will find your destination. So, pack up your hiking boots and sun screen to reach an adventures destination.


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