Top Ten Movie Characters of All time

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (10)

Movies are loved by every person, though the choices may be different. Some may love romantic sequences, while the other love some action or movie with any other genre. It is the acting of characters of the movie that make it really special and gain people’s attraction. If the character had played a good role in the movie then the movie will be surely loved by the people. Though much depend on the story of the movie, but the characters of movie can even make a boring movie entertaining through their acting. So here is the list of top ten movie characters of all time that are popular for their acting.

Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (1)

She played this role in the movie- Alien (1979) and proved that a woman can be smart, cool and beautiful that she can easily move in, after most of the guys have failed to accomplish a task. In the movie, she risked her life for the puttytat. She was the ultimate role model of the millennium.

Uncle Remus

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (1)

Uncle Remus is a popular character from the movie- ‘Song of the South’, which was the early film of Disney that was banned for DVD production due the presence of some racist and offensive material in it. Uncle Remus is the old African American Man having kind heart, who believes everything in the life as hunky-dory; in spite of the fact that slavery even when he told the tale of ‘Briar Rabbit & Tar Baby’.

Laurel Gray (Gloria Grahame)

In a Lonely Place (1950)

She is the character from the movie of 1950s- In a Lonely Place. She inspired her destructive writing look in the movie by repeating few lines like:

  • “I was born when you kissed me”
  • “I Died when you left me”
  • “I lived a few weeks when you loved me”

These lines become very popular in the decade.

Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta)

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He is the king of cartoons. Some of the best traits of Homer are:

  • He is wonderful and hilarious
  • He can easily make people laugh without cracking a sex joke
  • He is the complete entertainer
  • He had got an absolute cartoon feel

Shun Gon

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (4)

He worked in the movie by Disney- ‘The Aristocats’. This movie too crossed the racist lines and the cat exhibits offensive Chinese stereotypes. He was found playing piano with chopsticks. Though entertaining, but the movie was quite racist.

Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr)

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (5)

She played this character in the movie- The innocents released in 1961. She was found with a great sexual repression and good religious hysteria. She played the role of caretaker of two demonically possessed children.

The Joker (Health Ledger)

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (6)

He was a popular character of all time. Some of his traits found from the movies were:

  • He was the monumental performer and an amazing character
  • He tried to give the best performances
  • His acting was out of the space

Mr. Yunioshi

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (1)

American movies had always been found with some sort of racism and the characters are also made racists. Mr. Yunioshi is another popular character from the movie- “Breakfast at Tiffany”. He played the role of Japanese man. The accent, buck teeth, squinty eyes of this character was quite awkward, but still the movie gained popularity due his acting.

Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer)

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (7)

She played the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns of 1992 and you know this movie hit the theatres around the world and she gained enormous popularity among the audiences.


Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (8)

Watto is the racist depiction on Jewish People in the movie- ‘The Phantom Menice’. The played the role of slave, who only cares about the money and gained good popularity because of his good acting.


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