Top 30 Cool Tent Styles and Ideas

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Camping is a great experience. Everyone should go for camping once in a lifetime. It can be an adventurous experience. But before you decide to do camping; you must gather the adequate knowledge about camping tents. You must find some cool tent styles and ideas to design your tent and have a good camping experience. You must design the camping tent in a way that it suits your need. These camping tents are available in different styles, designs, sizes, colors, and shapes. Some of the best and ideal tent designs are:

  • A-frame or wedge shaped tent
  • Modified A-frame tent
  • Tunnel or hoop shaped tent
  • Pyramid shaped tent
  • Cone shaped tent
  • Teepee tent

Each of the tent shape and design has its own benefits which might be great for the campers of backpackers.

How to choose right style of camping tent?

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People having little knowledge about tent camping thinks that they have to sleep on floor in wilderness and will need to spray bugs spray. But this is not at all the true face of tent camping. Camping is not like the other vacations in you have to just pack clothes and move to the destination, it’s far behind this. Camping requires a lot of planning that includes the essentials for camping, right place for camping and other important factors.

Factors to be considered before camping

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You must remember certain points before going for camping. These are:

  • You must select the adequate tent according to your requirements
  • Make sure that there is additional space in the tent.
  • The tent must have the fabric according to the season, which means that a waterproof fabric for rainy seasons or winters, proper ventilation fabric for summers etc. The tent fabric must be the perfect match according to the season.
  • Also, prepare a list of essentials that you want inside the tent
  • Decide the area of your camping
  • At last your tent style and design must be comfortable and suits your requirement.

You can even find these tents in camping places. They will charge you a little rent and provide you with the best facilities.

Best camping tent designs and styles

You can organize your tent with different styles and designs. Here is the list of some popular and cool camping tent styles and designs to choose from:

Dome or Umbrella Tent

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It is a hexagonal shaped tent that uses three or more poles to stand depending on its pattern and space required. There are different models to choose from and it can easily accumulate 2 to 8 people. It is one of the best choices to do camping throughout the year. It is very easy to set up and best for adventures seekers and backpackers.

Modified Dome Tent

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It is very similar to dome tent with a difference that it has square floor and require few poles to stand. It is suitable for all four seasons of the year. One of the best examples of this type of tent is geodesic dome tent that is designed for high winds and snow.

A-Frame Tent

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It is small tent which is good enough for two to three persons. It has 2 erect poles supporting single ridge pole. It offers sleeping with no space for other activities. This design is not for windy and wet conditions.

Modified A-Frame Tent

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This tent has a curved pole at centre along ridgeline that gives it a shape of hoop tent. It is more stable than A-frame tent. Though, it too can accommodate only 2 to three persons in rectangular space.

So, these were some of the best tent designs to start your camping with and experience the joy and adventure in camping.

Cool Tent Styles and Ideas

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