The flowering plants are beautiful and can be sown at home too. People who had spent the time around house plants know that it takes great efforts to make the flowers grow in the plants. We need to take proper care of the plants. Flowering plants makes the house look beautiful. These flowering plants also have various benefits. Some of the top ten flowering plants for home are given in the list below.

Flowering Plants for Home

African Violets

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These plants are very compact and have different colors and flower forms. The best conditions to grow this plant are:

  • Proper watering
  • High humid conditions
  • Bright sunlight, but direct light should be avoided

This plant can grow throughout the year easily.


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It is commonly referred as Urn plant. Most of these plants grow in the rosettes of the strappy leaves, which is a kind of central water collecting cup. The flower of this plant arises from the core of this cup. The flowers of this plant lasts for weeks and even months.

Desert Cacti

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Have you ever wondered that the plant like cactus can also yield a flower? Desert Cacti does so. These plants yield the most stunning and pretty flowers of the world. They readily grow in summer and does not require too much water as they can hold most of the water for their use.

Potted Rose

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Roses are always the symbol for beauty. These types of roses are available in nearly every color except the black and blue color. They are graceful flowers having glossy green leaves. For better growth, you should:

  • Water them twice a day
  • Keep them in bright position , but not in direct sun heat


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It is one of the most popular plants of the world and can be seen in most of the houses worldwide. The standard color of the flowers of this plant is red, but in recent years the pink and white and other variegated colors are also made available by its growers. It is the best Christmas plant.


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The wonderful flowering plant has got a soothing aroma that can freshen up your rooms. It gives you a Mediterranean feel in home. The ideal conditions for its growth are:

  • Keep it in sunny spots
  • Water it once or twice a week



It is the largest known group of plants over the world. It has 30000 known species and thousands of hybrids. Grower of orchids should get it into bloom by working over the plant. The flowers of this plant are one of the most expensive flowers in the world.


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They are grown well in gardens, but they also have excellent traits to be grown in indoor as well. The single plant can easily give different colors flowers. They are also available in bushy variety and can easily grow well in your specific conditions.


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The flowering plant is awesome to decorate your party and it fun to enjoy the romantic and joyful parties with its flowers. The ideal conditions for the best growth are:

  • Keep the flowers in sunny spots
  • Watering the plants in 3 to 5 days
  • You should give an occasional spray to the plant with water mister


Kalanchoe flowers are bold and colorful, lending an extra dose of festive cheer for the holidays.

These are the most unassuming plants. They can grow well easily without too much of efforts. The most popular variety of this flowering plant is K. blossfeldiana and can grow well in springs. Ideal conditions for its growth are:

  • Bright light
  • Adequate amount of watering daily