Ten Tips to Design a Small Kitchen Perfectly

Designing a kitchen is not an easy task to do; off course it needs a lot of creativity and hard work. This is not about to give it a charm look but also to make it usable space to eat, to cook, to spend time with family and friends. By considering the space (small or large) and dimensions of kitchen area owner should have to design it with all these things kept in mind. Though, kitchen is that area of house where any of family members used to present over here all the time. So, it’s good to design kitchen healthy and beautiful by keeping in mind the budget and space. However seekers can find out professionals designers outside with plenty of design as per one’s need. And here we represent Ten tips to design small kitchen perfectly

Tips to Design a Small Kitchen4

Tips to Design a Small Kitchen

Well confined space:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen1

Finding enough space for storage of pans and pots in kitchen is challenging work though. The solution is cutting back of cabinets and also removing those items which are hardly in use ever. By doing this a space comes out and can be used for walk in here and there in kitchen while cooking.

Space for hiding:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen2

Whether you have one or two ovens in kitchen, by hiding them below shelves is very good idea .By installing them under the bar area you can easily hide them and also get the some space left. Besides that by installing them in wall is also a safe and easier way to hide and also to use them.

Use stainless steel:
Small Kettle Wooden Cabinets Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash

Now a days, using stainless steel in kitchen is very helpful and also it has another factor that it reflects the colour of kitchen surrounding as it has shining surface. The wash basin and also the utensil placed in kitchen gives healthy looks by using stainless steel in small kitchen area.

Control the URGE:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen4

Don’t get too mad with design, even if you think that bright red or blue colour gives an eyes catching scenario to the kitchen. In that case you may want to sell your house just because of its paint and eyes hurting scenario all over there. Always prefer light colour with keeping in mind the going green and eco-friendly.

Do all it at once:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen5

Expert says that a designing a kitchen should never be done in pieces. Like making half part of kitchen in one year and other remaining portion in next year is not money saving idea. So better to do it all at once.

Drawers are necessity:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen6

Design the kitchen by considering the drawers as much as possible is great idea to make it. Drawers are very important and helpful portion of kitchen as it provides the space for placing appliances and utensil as well. In a small kitchen area drawers and cabinets are worth likely to make it more comfortable to use.

Choose chairs without arms:
Small Kitchen Designs

While having meal family members used to sit in kitchen on chairs. And in small kitchen space chairs without arms are more preferable. Actually chairs without arms make it to easier to get in and out in that tight space of kitchen.

Get some mirror magic:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen8

Having mirrored backsplash in small kitchen area gives the illusion of more space actually. The kitchen looks like living room where we can eat and watch T.V. This is the extension of small space which has its own adorable value.

Consider a side rack cabinet:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen9

If you are designing a kitchen with small space then it would be better to have a side rack cabinet. As a slim side rack takes the advantage of unused space and also gives a stylish looks to kitchen. This also solves the organizing problem of bottles and jars.

Direct the eye upward:
Tips to Design a Small Kitchen10

When it comes to design the kitchen wall paints and visual elements, one thing always keep in mind that to use that pattern and visual colour which help the eye gaze to see upward towards the ceiling. This will lead the impression of height of kitchen and also the eye catching.


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