Ten Books to Design a Beautiful Garden

Gardening, the practice of cultivating plants as a part of horticulture and have its own advantages as well. Designing a garden is also hobby for people as they love to spend time with plants, flowers and vegetables. For those who accepted it has their profession, have lot of work and full time job with gardening. And sometimes people have lack of proper knowledge regarding plants and vegetables or the breed of flowers. Undoubtedly people can design their garden according to their likes and will. Sometimes owner search the books to design a beautiful garden. But people used to get confused what to do and how to design garden and here we get the solution. We represent ten books to design a beautiful garden.Books to Design a Beautiful Garden11

Ten Books to Design  beautiful Garden

There are various universities around the world where the botanical subject books are available for students to increase their knowledge about plants..

A Garden Makes a House a Home (Elvin McDonald): This is one of the fantastic books in America and has various 25 gardens photo shoots and covering the lot of designs. This tour of 25 garden shoots leads you to capable of designing the best garden.Books to Design a Beautiful Garden1

More Scenes from Rural Life (Verlyn Klinkenborg): By this book readers get the two things deeply, excellent writing and ethics of farming at broad level as well. This book is written after eleven years of experiments and observations and also follows the season of planting. This book contains eleven chapters and each article is written after one month of observation at all.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden2

Rosemary Verey- The life and lessons of legendary Gardener: This is a beautiful biography of great gardener belongs to 20th century and written in simple straight narrative. She became very famous and passionate for gardening in her 50s and 60s.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden3

Writing the garden (Elezabeth Barlow Rogers): This book has won the American horticulture society book award and considered as prestigious book. This book contains twelve sections and some of them are; “Women in garden”, “Rhapsodists”, “Humourists” and “philosophers”.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden4

The Gardens of Marrakesh: This was written by Angelica Gray and is related to the modern European gardening and this is very helpful for those who are serious about gardening and want to design a beautiful garden.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden5

The Best Garden in Italy: After Islamic tradition of gardening there is variation towards the Italian manner with source of beauty. This book begins with the charm villas of garden of Italian lakes and also in Rome as well. And this book also contains the 150 garden featured in 260 pages.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden6

The Cutting Garden: This is very famous and beautiful book about planting but the main thing is, as the name suggested “cutting” cutting of flowers. This book suggests you about the basic arrangements of flowers and also to design the beautiful garden respectively.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden7

The New English Garden: This is a tour of 25 visually garden with astounding photographs in proper manner. And written or re-designed after ten years and contains the 10-15 pages for each garden.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden8

The Garden of Venice and Veneto: This books indicates the gardening method of Europe and also first the garden of Venice and then Veneto as well. Books has captured the beautifully images of various garden. One thing about the writing style is it is simply light and lavishing point to point.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden9

What’s wrong with My Plant: This book explains what the ordinary person supposed to think about plats problem and way out solution. So, there is flow chart in book which allows readers to solve the problem about fungi and insects as well.
Books to Design a Beautiful Garden10



Gardening is vast and deep field of hobby and profession. It keeps us healthy, fresh and happy, as it contains flowers, vegetables and plants of various breeds. We shared ten books to design a beautiful garden hope you will get any of them to increase the knowledge about planting.









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