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fun facts about toilet paper0

Ten fun facts about toilet paper

However, there is no need to introduce the toilet paper; of course everybody does know about it and its uses. Well this can be used as removing makeup, cleaning glass or mirror. Apart from its uses how many of people does know more about it like where it come from, history about it. There are

Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time (9)

Top Ten Movie Characters of All time

Movies are loved by every person, though the choices may be different. Some may love romantic sequences, while the other love some action or movie with any other genre. It is the acting of characters of the movie that make it really special and gain people’s attraction. If the character had played a good role

Positive &  Motivational Thought of the day Quotes (1)

30 Positive & Motivational Thought of the day Quotes

The power of positive thinking is immense that increases positive attitude of number of people, who start to realize it. Over the centuries the great minds have understood the power extent that the brain exerts in the body. Most of the people may be able in changing the course of their life by reading positive

Rarest eye color in humans3

Rarest Eyes Colors in Humans: Top 7

Usually when we meet someone, first aspect of his/her personality is dress and physique but eyes are mostly got noticed. Eyes are the way to go for heart and people believes in, an eye says what is in our heart. Likewise when we want to say our heart feelings and love for loved ones we

exotic pets in the world10.1

Ten most dangerous exotic pets in the world

Usually pets are treated as a family member in houses and undoubtedly they deserve to be loved.It can be easily seen in families that there is an animal as pet like dog, cat, snake and sometimes big cats. Some pets are so gentle and cute fluffy to adopt and people accept them as their babies


10 most wacky plants in the world

Today, there are more than 37,500 species of plants all around the world. And many of species can be seen only in jungle or any specific area on this planet. Actually it depends on the circumstances and requirement of their roots to growth. Huge distinctions can be seen while going through out deeply in plant’s