Making a man cave requires lots of efforts and after giving 10 months time to the task it has finally been brought to a conclusion. Different concepts and methods from various people have finally made the whole project a complete success. The completion includes a series of tasks and things which have been listed below for your guidance and reference.

Making of a Man Cave1

Making of a Man Cave

This is one of the biggest do it yourself projects as it involves brain storming where in new ideas can be developed for creating a cave which would be suitable and comfortable for sustaining life of a human inside it. In this project the biggest challenge was to convert a small laundry room into a man cave. Imagining the task itself is a difficult thing to do, but surprisingly it has been turned into reality.

Building shelves

Making of a Man Cave2

Utilizing the smallest space is the most challenging part, so the first thing which can be done for making the place more comfortable and useful is by building shelves within the place. The shelves were constructed using raw wood and also the unfinished pipes which were of no use to anyone. This idea involved lots of labor and work, but it was not an impossible thing to do. You can also check some movable shelving designs for your home.

After putting in efforts and continuous dedicating towards the work, finally the desired output was produced which was nothing less than perfect. The shelf also had a built in desk which could be used for various purposes, and the shelf was placed at the main wall making it completely useful and one of the most important part in the cave. The presence of shelf at the place made the place look livelier and it changed the place into a much different one than it was before.

Placing slabs on the shelf

Making of a Man Cave3

After shelf has been installed on the wall, it can be broken down into small parts of room such that useful things can be placed in the cave. Right pieces have to be installed properly in the place. People carving out a cave can place some of the most important things of their life on the corners. This is one of the most interesting concepts which can be used by individuals to give cave a more personal touch.


Making of a Man Cave4

Placing a locker in the cave is another good idea, and it can be purchased from any of the showrooms which have antique pieces. Pick up a perfect color and ensure that it has a good storage capacity. The locker placed can be used for various purposes like for storing clothes, valuable commodities or other items which are of use to the person living in the cave.

Converting locker into a wine storage cabin

Making of a Man Cave5-horz

Some people are fond of wine than anything else in the world, and I am sure while buying a storage locker they might think of storing wine within it. Well same can be done with the locker that has been placed in the cave.

Color of the cave

Making of a Man Cave6

Colors which can make you feel like home and gives positive vibes should be chosen as the base coat for the walls. For a man cave a color which matches up the personality of a man /and is more masculine can be picked up for painting the walls of the cave. Some wall icons could possible add some flavors to the color of the cave.

The Shelves

Making of a Man Cave7-horz

The placement of shelves had added so much of functionality in the room, where now things can be kept on the right place and can be stored properly. Also things of storage and display can be segregated and kept under different parts of the shelves. The area of the desk on shelves can be used for keeping electronics items such as TV, computers or other systems which could be of use while living at the place.

The work on shelves started on with large wood planks and was finally ended by creating some of the most beautiful pieces which were used for the creation of shelves.

Wall of the Gallery

Making of a Man Cave8-horz

Deciding on what to put on walls is another difficult thing to decide on; after all it gives a finishing touch to the room or a place. One of the ideas of covering your walls with is by making use of pictures of any of your favourite people, team or places These pictures can be placed within the wooden frames to make it look more prominent and beautiful.

This whole idea may look a good amount of time, but once they have been placed on the corner walls I am sure you would love it and also your idea of designing the wall in such a different way.

Decor of the cave

Making of a Man Cave9

Something which can keep the place look like a part of industry and also provide storage should be chosen as decor for the cave. Cheapest items on stock can be looked upon and then the best pieces like baskets or other things can be chosen for storage and decor of the place.

The wire baskets are one of the best things for storing things as it allows individuals to have a look as to what commodity is stored inside the basket.

The other personal items should also be placed on the corners of the home to make the person feel connected to the home.

A letter organizer can also be installed at one corner of the wall which shall store letters or other important cards at one place. The biggest benefit of having it is, it keeps the things organized at one place.

Letters and cards which have good memories can be marked as good rounds while the ones which have bad memories should be marked as bad thus segregating them into two sections.

Round table

Making of a Man Cave10

Having a round table with phone and some money placed on it is another good idea.

A rug and a single sofa along with it complete the combination and allows individual to lay back and rest on it.

Stamp holder

Making of a Man Cave11

A vintage stamp holder can also be placed which shall organize and collect the stamps at one single place.

These small steps can finally help you to create or a man cave in the best possible way.

Pallets are very common in almost every house which lies unused here and there. So if you have such pallets which don’t come into your use, then you may look for some other creative ideas. Yes pallets if used in a very creative way may result in some beautiful furniture. Instead of throwing them away from your house, you can make some useful and of course amazing furniture with it. We will give you some amazing ideas here but obviously you can improvise and imagine of making something different from those ideas. Remember you are recycling an item so lot of creativity is needed of course.

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (1)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (2)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (3)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (4)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (5)

Actually making furniture on your own is of course a very sizzling idea. But for that you should have a basic sense of making it and of course a lot of creativity. You can’t just think out that wood pallets can be such creative that will add an extra essence to your interior decoration. People think that how these old and abandoned pallets can do such work but actually it doesn’t matter what is the pallet’s condition. The most important thing is that it comes free and just you are recycling it in a trendy way. So just get busy with those dumped wood pallets to make an original one. So why are you wasting time when you are getting such amazing ideas about making tables or a sofa and even bed.

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (6)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (7)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (8)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (9)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (10)

You can make a lot of things from these pallets but it depends on your choice. Almost any furniture can be made out of wooden pallets may be indoor or an outdoor one. In case of indoor furniture you can make a coffee table or a computer desk and even a large table but it depends on the quantity of pallets you have. Again you can make a sofa, book shelf, show case, bed side table and lot more things etc. Now coming to the outdoor furniture you can make a lounge in your garden to relax on it, again a table in your garden, a shoe rack, vertical garden, staircase etc. Pallets also serves great in making a home for your pet.

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (11)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (12)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (13)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (14)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (15)

So now the main thing is that you are going to select the item you will make with your pallet. If you are a DIY expert then there is nothing new to tell. But if you are new in making these types of projects then you should know that you will need a lot of instruments and equipments for making and polishing this furniture. You should have enough time that you can give while making it and please don’t be in a hurry to make it. Always use a lot of intelligence and creative aspects to make such things. It is very important for these types of projects.

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (16)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (17)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (18)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (19)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (20)

Here we have made a collection of some amazing ideas about Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture. Get these ideas as your inspiration and start making your own furniture. You can add a lot of own imaginations and creativity on any of these examples. Remember these are just for giving you ideas and inspiration and all the rest depends on you. So don’t wait start getting these wonderful ideas.

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (21)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (22)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (23)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (24)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (25)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (26)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (27)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (28)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (29)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (30)

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture (31)


The flowering plants are beautiful and can be sown at home too. People who had spent the time around house plants know that it takes great efforts to make the flowers grow in the plants. We need to take proper care of the plants. Flowering plants makes the house look beautiful. These flowering plants also have various benefits. Some of the top ten flowering plants for home are given in the list below.

Flowering Plants for Home

African Violets

Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (1)

These plants are very compact and have different colors and flower forms. The best conditions to grow this plant are:

  • Proper watering
  • High humid conditions
  • Bright sunlight, but direct light should be avoided

This plant can grow throughout the year easily.


Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (2)

It is commonly referred as Urn plant. Most of these plants grow in the rosettes of the strappy leaves, which is a kind of central water collecting cup. The flower of this plant arises from the core of this cup. The flowers of this plant lasts for weeks and even months.

Desert Cacti

Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (3)

Have you ever wondered that the plant like cactus can also yield a flower? Desert Cacti does so. These plants yield the most stunning and pretty flowers of the world. They readily grow in summer and does not require too much water as they can hold most of the water for their use.

Potted Rose

Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (4)

Roses are always the symbol for beauty. These types of roses are available in nearly every color except the black and blue color. They are graceful flowers having glossy green leaves. For better growth, you should:

  • Water them twice a day
  • Keep them in bright position , but not in direct sun heat


Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (6)

It is one of the most popular plants of the world and can be seen in most of the houses worldwide. The standard color of the flowers of this plant is red, but in recent years the pink and white and other variegated colors are also made available by its growers. It is the best Christmas plant.


Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (7)

The wonderful flowering plant has got a soothing aroma that can freshen up your rooms. It gives you a Mediterranean feel in home. The ideal conditions for its growth are:

  • Keep it in sunny spots
  • Water it once or twice a week



It is the largest known group of plants over the world. It has 30000 known species and thousands of hybrids. Grower of orchids should get it into bloom by working over the plant. The flowers of this plant are one of the most expensive flowers in the world.


Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (10)

They are grown well in gardens, but they also have excellent traits to be grown in indoor as well. The single plant can easily give different colors flowers. They are also available in bushy variety and can easily grow well in your specific conditions.


Top ten Flowering Plants for Home (11)

The flowering plant is awesome to decorate your party and it fun to enjoy the romantic and joyful parties with its flowers. The ideal conditions for the best growth are:

  • Keep the flowers in sunny spots
  • Watering the plants in 3 to 5 days
  • You should give an occasional spray to the plant with water mister


Kalanchoe flowers are bold and colorful, lending an extra dose of festive cheer for the holidays.

These are the most unassuming plants. They can grow well easily without too much of efforts. The most popular variety of this flowering plant is K. blossfeldiana and can grow well in springs. Ideal conditions for its growth are:

  • Bright light
  • Adequate amount of watering daily

The term furniture is related to house, without furniture a house is not likely enough place to live. More than that we can say that this is furniture what makes a house to live actually. This is the furniture arrangements and placement of it, makes a house initially beautiful and loveable place. More often, it can be seen that many of houses have charming interior design but not so good about furniture. The placement of wooden furniture in bedroom, drawing room and also in study room should be in proper manner and most important thing is its classic design. Yes, here we talk about the wooden furniture designs and that’s the point where sometimes people used to get confused about design. Now-a-days it is very famous to have wooden furniture designs for getting a classy looks. So, going onwards here we represent some wooden furniture designs to please you.
Wooden Furniture Designs4

Classy Wooden Furniture Designs

Wooden Furniture Designs1
Wooden Furniture Designs3
Wooden Furniture Designs4

Things to know before you go for wooden furniture Designs:

Sometimes owner of house used to get new wooden furniture and decided to buy it. Before going to shop new wooden furniture everyone should have to know the following things about that.

What is your budget?

How long will you have the wooden piece?

What should be the decorating style?

What kind of finishing is on wood?

Wooden Furniture Designs6
Wooden Furniture Designs7
Wooden Furniture Designs8
Wooden Furniture Designs9

Benefits of wooden furniture designs:

Here are some advantages of wooden furniture which makes it more preferable whether its timber or teak. Make sure about the wooden furniture type, bonding and its production and the benefits also.

    • Gorgeous natural look: One of the main advantages is that wood have good pattern and lines as it indicates the beauty based on its finishing work. And the furniture designs related to color of wall paints will absolutely defines creativity.
    • Strong and resilient: There is no doubt about the strength of wooden furniture as it is naturally strong. Its durability will be reliable even for hard work duties. Moreover, its consistent work service makes you more comfortable and easier to use it. That means you don’t need to thinks about of its re-placement.
    • Flexible: Having wooden furniture in house won’t let you think about to change it. Even though whenever if there is need to modify it, it is so easy to change it in desirable shape or design as well even after many days.

Wooden Furniture Designs10
Wooden Furniture Designs11
Wooden Furniture Designs12

    • Eco-friendly: One thing makes a wooden furniture eco-friendly is that it is not an environment damaging material like plastic. It is a natural material of tree product so denotes the eco-friendly property.
    • Outstanding Decor: Wooden furniture has its own antique stylish look and in order to make a house more aesthetically wooden furniture always hit the owner’s heart. As it has always an eye catching looks.

Wooden Furniture Designs13
Wooden Furniture Designs14
Wooden Furniture Designs15

  • Easy to clean: This is not a hard job to clean a wooden furniture surface as it is not so easy in case of steel or iron material. All you need is just a cleaning product from market and it will be simple and easy.

Wooden Furniture Designs16
Wooden Furniture Designs17
Wooden Furniture Designs18
Wooden Furniture Designs19
Wooden Furniture Designs20
Wooden Furniture Designs21
Wooden Furniture Designs22
Wooden Furniture Designs23
Wooden Furniture Designs24
Wooden Furniture Designs25
Wooden Furniture Designs26
Wooden Furniture Designs27
Wooden Furniture Designs28
Classy Wooden Frame bed Brown Rug Closet Wardrobe Bedroom Inspiration Ideas
Wooden Furniture Designs30


Undoubtedly it is very well known that technology and industry already contribute their substitute on wooden furniture. This is the furniture design and arrangement of its placement what makes a house perfect place to live. There are various stylish wooden furniture designs all over there just need to search them as per you needs. And the inside looks of house also comes from the furniture designs not only from the color of wall paints. Presence of natural product in house gives it a natural touch and also gives the long life. Hope you will get best idea from the wooden furniture designs we shared above.

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (16)

Every person in a family has his/her choice to set the design for his/her bedroom. Even the kids love their bedroom designed in their own way. You really need to think too much to design a bedroom for your kid. You need to be up to date with likings of our kid. Any sort of wrong design to your kid’s bedroom may make the kid angry and cry loud. You require to have a proper idea about what your kid like and set his/her bedroom accordingly. In this article you will find about the kids bedroom ideas on how to design the room and what things to be taken care of.

Things to now before designing your kid’s room

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (2)

You must know certain things before going for a good design for your kid’s room. These things are:

  • What should be the color of wall? Do the walls need to be of different colors?
  • What should be the design of bedroom?
  • What should be the setting of kid’s bedroom?
  • What kind of furniture your kid will like to have in his/her room?
  • What should be the best painting on walls?

These are some common things that should be asked from the kid before designing his/her room. But if you wish to surprise your kid then here are some most common settings for your kid’s room.

Perfect design for Kid’s room

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (19)

  • The walls of the room must have some cool designs based on cartoon or video game themes that your kid likes the most.
  • Bring some new and trendy furniture to your kids room like designer bed, trendy chairs, differently designed study, or anything else that your kid will like.
  • Stars on the roof ceilings that glow at night can be ideal for the ceilings and may impress the kid.
  • The curtains of the room can have cartoons or superheroes embedded on them.
  • The flooring must be of a good marble with shine

Your child will definitely appreciate this design and will love you more, if you do so many things for him/her for sake of his/her happiness.

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (9)

For designing the room of your kid with perfection, you can involve your child too in the designing process. This will help you out in creating a room according to your kid’s child so that your kid cannot blame you later for wrong designing. In this way you can make him/her happy because everything in the bedroom will be according to your child requirement.

Bedroom Designing Ideas for a Girl (Kid)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (20)

If your child is a girl then girls love soft touch to their rooms. They will love to have soft and attractive color to the walls. Even you can have teddy bear designs or Barbie designs embedded on the wall of a girl’s room. You can even decorate the room with soft toys like teddies, Barbie dolls etc. and make your child happy.

Bedroom Designing Ideas for Boy (Kid)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (14)

Boy love to have violent colors to the wall with the image of their favorite superheroes of favorite cartoon. They want video games and playing cards in their room. You can enhance the beauty of their room by having photos of their superheroes or favorite cartoons on the curtains of the bedroom.

The room of your child is the must be the best place for him/her. So try every effort o make your kid’s room wonderful so that he/she praises you for your best efforts. You can also get more love from your child, if you do so much for him/her. So, start planning your kid’s bedroom designing and design it to the best with perfection.

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (17)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (22)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (3)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (4)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (5)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (6)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (7)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (8)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (10)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (11)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (12)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (13)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (15)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (18)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (21)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (23)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (24)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (25)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (26)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (27)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (28)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (29)

Attractive Kids Bedroom Ideas (30)

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (1)

People these days, construct their house well and good enough to be loved by others and impress anyone by its look. Though the house is well constructed from outside, but it needs to be equally good from inside. The kitchen, bedroom, hall, washrooms, and the bathrooms should be well constructed with good design. Most of the people focus more on bathroom design. And if they create a bathroom with a small space then it should be perfect and good enough to take a proper bath. A modern bathroom should have modern assets like bathtubs, sauna, showers, designer taps, well tiled or marbled, and should give a nice look. Here are some small bathroom design ideas for you to make your bathroom look attractive.

Small Bathroom Design tips

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (6)

Most of you want a luxurious bathroom and it should be the perfect space in your home to make you comfortable while bathing. You can consider the following bathroom design ideas to construct a good bathroom.

  • Reduce the clutter: Your bathroom must be well organized and the unnecessary items should be removed from it. Your need to determine the basic required bathroom accessories and should remove the accessories that might not be used while bathing.
  • Size of fixtures: The fixtures come in standard size, but if you want to have some big bathtubs or sinks or any other vanity then you need to look for some space in your bathroom and fix the fixtures in a way that the bathroom not look congested. It is recommended to go with the standard sizes of the fixtures.
  • Corner spacing: The corner spaces in the bathroom should be well utilized with the vanities like bathtubs, sinks and it is very important to do so in case of small bathrooms.
  • Vertical Spaces: A vertical space must be well utilized with vanities like geysers, showers etc in case of small bathroom. This also gives a tidy look to the bathroom.
  • Lighting: Good lighting system should be added to the bathroom for proper lighting. You can also add some designer lights to the bathroom to make it more attractive. Different type of ceiling design can also be added to it.
  • Flooring: If you are constructing a modern bathroom then flooring plays an important role to make it look nice and wonderful. The walls can be tiled or fitted with the wallpapers and floor can be marbled or tiled well.
  • Finishing: The finishing of every element you use in your bathroom is another important issue to look at, while designing the small bathroom well. Tiled or painted walls can help to give the bathroom a modular look that is soothing and pleasant enough at first look.

These were some small bathroom designing tips that you can follow to create a good bathroom. You can cherish your bathroom with these ideas and tips and can see one of the most attractive parts of your house.

Bathroom Re-modeling: Changing the look perfectly

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (15)

If you are not in a mood to construct your bathroom then you can go for re-modeling your bathroom. Re-modeling is the process of giving a new touch to your bathroom without deteriorating the original bathroom completely. You can add on some new vanities to your bathroom easily, by going with re-modeling of your bathroom.

Re-modeling your bathroom with provide a new and different look to your bathroom. You need to look for the perfect vanities to cherish the look of your bathroom. These vanities must look modern, if you really wish to modernize your bathroom. So go ahead and choose the perfect look for your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (2)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (3)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (4)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (5)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (7)

Picture 003

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (9)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (10)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (11)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (12)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (13)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (14)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (16)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (17)

Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (20)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (21)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (22)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (23)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (24)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (25)

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (26)

Our home must look perfect. One of the most important things to consider is the walls of home. Walls play an important role in beautifying the house. There are number of wall decoration ideas that can be implemented to make the house look beautiful and attractive. Walls say more than the house, so they need to be maintained and decorated properly.

wall decoration Ideas1.1

The walls can be decorated well by following some wall décor ideas efficiently.

  • Architectural elements: You can make use of architectural elements to make your wall look beautiful and dynamic. You can add depth to the wall by adding the wonderful architectural elements to the walls and old doors of your home.
  • Wall Sculptures: They also add a serene beauty to the walls. There are enormous wall art sculptures that can be used to decorate the walls effectively. These sculptures are the mixture of metal and wood and give a contemporary appeal to the wall. They give a 3-D look to the walls and make them look eclectic.
  • Wall Stencils and Murals: These murals and stencils can create a fantastic appeal of your walls and gives a realistic look to the wall. You can select your theme and the walls can be designed in your manner using stencils and murals. Murals give the handmade look to the room.

There are many more wall décor ideas that can be implemented to decorate your walls. Some of them are discussed further to make your walls look very beautiful.

Wall Decoration Ideas

wall decoration Ideas2

wall decoration Ideas6

wall decoration Ideas7.1

wall decoration Ideas9

The wall décor could be anything that decorates your wall and bring a lively look to it. Some of the common nontraditional decors are- assorted plates, polystyrene wall art, floating wall shelves, stained glass, folding glass, plant wall, and wood etc. You can choose anything to decorate your walls to beautify them.

  • Polystyrene wall art: This wall art is created from a light weight material. You can easily substitute the material according to your choice and budget.
  • Quilts: Instead of using traditional wallpapers, you can use ordinary fabric to cover your wall. Framed quilts with ordinary fabric can help to decorate the walls.
  • Assorted Plates: It is really good to have a collection of kitchen plates and dining sets. You can hung them on the walls with support and beautify your walls.
  • Removable wall graphics: Vinyl decals could be used on the walls as they are removable designs. You can choose from customized designs and change them frequently too at affordable price.
  • Wood: The wooden walls also look attractive and beautiful. Wood adds a unique look to the walls.
  • Folding screens: Folding screens could make the walls look attractive and great. They can fill out the empty space on walls.
  • Stained glass: The stained glass adds some elegance to the wall. It offers the contemporary look to the wall art.

Why to decorate the walls of your house?

wall decoration Ideas4.1

Karson Butler Open House, December 12, 2012

There are number of reasons to decorate the walls of your house. Some of them are listed below:

  • Decorating the walls of your house enhances the overall look of your house
  • Anybody coming to your house appreciate the look of your house and the walls
  • Decorating the walls prevents the walls from getting damaged
  • Walls play an important role to create a beautifying look of the house in front of your guest and other people visiting your house.

wall decoration Ideas1

wall decoration Ideas2.1

wall decoration Ideas3.1

wall decoration Ideas3

wall decoration Ideas4

wall decoration Ideas5.1

wall decoration Ideas5

wall decoration Ideas6.1

wall decoration Ideas7

wall decoration Ideas10

wall decoration Ideas11

wall decoration Ideas12

wall decoration Ideas13

wall decoration Ideas16

wall decoration Ideas19

wall decoration Ideas21

wall decoration Ideas23

wall decoration Ideas24

wall decoration Ideas25

There are various Bookshelf designs and ideas that are available these days in the online internet. You can browse through them and have an idea of which design you will need in order to make the shelf for yourself. If you are not browsing through the internet and wish to visit the shop you can also view the various ranges that are available in the shops which have the readymade book shelves. It completely depends on the room or hall that you are keeping your Bookshelf in.

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas1.1

If you are having a small place in the room, you should keep the space in mind and so the designs should be chosen properly. There are small book shelves which hold a small number of books and there are big shelves too for making a small library or so. It probably depends on the number of books that you have and the space that you have to keep the Bookshelf.

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas1

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas3

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas11

Importance of Bookshelf Design Ideas

The books worlds are very vast. When you are a book worm, the loads and heaps of books looks nothing more than a pint. And arranging them is the most tedious task one can ever have.

1. The books might not look tidy if they are arranged irregularly without any order. And after it’s been arranged, the books should be all visible and handy in case you need to take them out for reading and references.

  • It becomes easier for you to find any book.
  • The books always look brand new.

2. The book shelves would probably maintain and consume all the books that you would probably need in some way or the other.

  • The place where the Bookshelf is kept need to be designed in such a way that it consumes fewer places and looks very neat and tidy.
  • It should hold on all the books and should look really neat.

3. In order to make them look neat and real one has to go through a hard time working on the book shelves designs.

  • There is no need to repair the binding of books for a longtime.
  • The cover of the books remains proper all the time.

Few Important Things to keep in Mind

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas4

  • The Bookshelf must be made simple for a small room or hall.
  • It should have various shelves.
  • Long shelves for the longer books and shorter ones for the short books.
  • It should be adjustable
  • It should be rigid and should hold the books.
  • The material used to make the shelf must be strong for a longer run.
  • The plan should be short and effective

Material Used in the Making of Bookshelves

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas15

The materials that are used in the bookshelves design includes the plywood, screws, saws, adhesive material, and if you are making the Bookshelf in a steel material then the steel should be stainless steel for the safety of books. The books get affected and get destroyed very soon and get afflicted with termites and flies. Therefore it should all be kept away and the books should be in a very good condition for a longer run. This can be accomplished only if you use a proper and good quality material for making the Bookshelf.

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas2

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas4.1

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas5

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas6

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas8

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas9

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas10

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas12

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas13

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas14

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas16

Bookshelf Designs and Ideas17.1

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The Bookshelf design is a very complicated task and needs more of knowledge. It can be as simple as a small wooden box made from a ply wood or it can be a big shelf and will require more work time and material for making it. Placing the shelf in a proper place is more important than making the shelf. It should be away from windows and direct sunlight as that would destroy the wood of shelf and also the books in the shelf.

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (1)

Constructing the entire house again may be very costly and unaffordable. If you really wish to recreate your house, but are short of money then you can go for renovation of your house. Renovation is the process of recreating the selected areas of your house without destroying the original pillars of the house in a cheaper way. Renovating your house can change the entire look of your house and make it look more beautiful. Here are some significant tips to remember while renovating home.

Important Tips to Remember while Renovating Home

You must remember some of the best tips before renovating your house:


Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (2)

This is one of the major factors to be considered before renovating your house. You need to set the proper budget for the renovation phase you will be going through. You must have the adequate amount of money before starting the renovation process. Renovation is much better than the entire construction of house.

Reuse what you have

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (3)

Reusing what you have will allow you to save a good amount of money and you can set low budget accordingly. It is necessary to re-use what you have because:

  • It will reduce your expenditure
  • It will control any extra expenses from your budget

Determine your needs and goals

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (4)

You should be sure about what you want your rooms or house to look like so that you can brief up the labors working to renovate your house about the actual design that you need. This will helps them to:

  • Save their efforts
  • Design the space according to your needs

Research work

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (5)

It is very important to have the perfect knowledge about the best person for this job. You can go online or ask your neighbors or relatives to get the best man for this job to be completed successfully on time with perfection.

Find the right man to do your job

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (6)

You will require contracting the right person to get your house renovated properly. It is very important to choose the best person for this job because:

  • The renovation work requires pure expertise
  • A good contractor will do a better job
  • A good contractor can suggest you about the trendy modern designs for your space

You will require some patience

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (7)

Renovation is not a one day work. Things will go with the time. You need not to pressurize the labors. They will do their work accordingly and perfectly. If you are not patient and force them to complete work early, then the work may not be done properly.

Check everyday

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (8)

You should keep a check on the work that is done every day by the labors so that everything is done perfectly and in an order.

Space planning

Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (9)

You must plan the space to be given to the rooms and other assets in your house. The work must proceed with the space planning so that you need to adjust yourself according to the condition later on. Space planning is better because:

  • It gives you an idea about what you are doing
  • You can design the house according to the space available


Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (10)

The hose must be renovated keeping the future designs in mind so that there is no need to reconstruct or renovate the house, even after 15-20 years. The modern designs and trends should be followed to renovate the house.


Tips to Remember while Renovating Home (11)

This is another important aspect to organize your rooms and other space with perfect selection of furniture. The furniture should match the design of the house that includes wall paint, curtains and other assets of the house.

Bathroom is one of such places, where most of the people feel relaxed and enjoy playing with water for long times. The big bathrooms in big homes are really luxurious and comfortable. The small bathrooms must be designed well to give comfort to the person, whoever bath in the bathroom. One of the most common issues with people these days is how to design a small bathroom. This is not at all difficult. You need to have a perfect idea to design a small bathroom. Here are some important tips to design your small bathroom wonderfully.

How to Design a Small Bathroom1.1

How to Design a Small Bathroom

Tiling will help

How to Design a Small Bathroom1

A good bathroom must be tiled well. This enhances the look of the bathroom.

  • It makes the bathroom look bigger
  • You must go for dark colored tiles to avoid visible spots

You should avoid textures in bathrooms that are used daily

How to Design a Small Bathroom2

The bathrooms with textures that are heavily used may be a store house of collection spots for mildew, toothpaste, or mold. Textures should be avoided because:

  • They cause visible spots on sinks, tiles, or walls
  • The spotted walls and tiles in the bathroom look ugly

No Enclosure Showers with Drains right in the floor

How to Design a Small Bathroom3

The Euro showers give feeling of openness. Sometimes, the showers may have drain right in the floor.

  • This result in leakage of water
  • It decomposes the tiles and walls

So, have a good drainage system and the tiles must be fixed properly. This will not let the walls and floors to decompose.

Use Opaque Windows

How to Design a Small Bathroom4

You must use the opaque filters and even the skylights for letting the light to filter into all the parts of the bathroom.

  • The frosted skinny glass ensures that you save a good on energy by placing low wattage bulb in bathroom
  • Water condensation must be looked properly to avoid the maintenance issues in future

Use Wall mounted toilets

How to Design a Small Bathroom5

These type of toilets mounted on the walls contribute greatly in saving a good space. This is one of the best ways to save space and make your bathroom look clean and bigger.

Look for fixtures with single handle

How to Design a Small Bathroom6

You can use the fixtures having single handle rather than separate cold and hot taps. This is the perfect choice in modern bathrooms.

  • This saves a little space
  • You can even save the little money in pipes and drilling of holes

Use Pedestal Sink

How to Design a Small Bathroom7

This is a good looking sink. You can set it at any corner of the bathroom and then you can utilize the above space for any purpose.

Go for the mirror on wall above the sink

How to Design a Small Bathroom8

This is another effective way to save space in your bathroom. A mirror must be placed on the wall above the sink. It can serve different purposes:

  • Use while shaving
  • Used for looking ourselves for any dirt left after bathing

Vanities should be wall mounted

How to Design a Small Bathroom9

Most of the vanities in your bathroom must be mounted on the walls. These vanities must be high on walls so that the dead space in not created between floor and the walls.

Put on some anti-slip floor mats

How to Design a Small Bathroom10

Most of the time people fall while coming out of the bathroom. The anti-slip floor mats serve this purpose. It protects you from getting slipped.

So these were some important tips to that you can follow while designing a small bathroom. You need to choose the design model and then the vanities to put own.