We have all heard of a recent trend of Hardwood or Laminate flooring in homes. Really it changes the all over look of your interior with some essence of creativity and royal attitude. People nowadays are very much creative about interior decoration and spend a lot of money on it. So when you are spending a lot of bucks you should be very serious on this matter. Serious in the sense is that taking a lot of information and gathering knowledge about it. First of all wood flooring is very much popular nowadays and because of its outstanding look it is preferred by people worldwide.

hardwood vs laminate

When thinking of wooden flooring at home, the most common question arises is about the best one. As the wooden flooring is classified into two types Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring the confusion remains which one is the best. So the first thing you should know that both of the types are good enough and you have to select only one thinking about the suitable one for you. Then secondly you have to know the difference between these two types before selecting the final one.

Here I am giving the description of both types of wood flooring.

Laminate Wood Flooring: Although it is said about wood but nothing is related to real wood in laminate wood flooring. Actually it is made of High Density Fiber or HDF which is not at all a wood. But the upper layer is designed in such a way that t looks obviously like a wood. You will get a lot of variations in design like Hardwood, knotted wood, bamboo etc. The planks are about 3.8” thick and made in such a way that it can be easily installed or uninstalled. But surely when you will walk above it will give you a woody feelings.

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Hardwood Flooring: Here the planks are made of natural wood and the only material used for making hardwood flooring. Remember as it is made of natural wood the budget becomes very high and the cost of maintenance is also very high. So think a lot before going with hardwood flooring. They get damaged very quickly. If you drop a heavy object on it, dents will occur again can’t leave it wet the wood will swell within a very short time. So now it up to you which one you are going to select.

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PROS and CONS of Hardwood vs. Laminate Wood Flooring:

Cost: The cost of hardwood flooring is very much high than laminate wood flooring. As the Laminate wood flooring uses HDF the cost decreases here but in case of Hardwood flooring, natural wood is used so normally the cost increases.

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Durability: Here also the laminate wood flooring remains in the Pros side as it is very much resistant from as it resists scratches and moisture the two main things and hardwood flooring is made of natural wood so it can’t resist moisture and catches scratches very easily.

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Repair: Hardwood flooring is much easy to repair as it needs just a sanding and refinishing out imperfections. But laminate wood flooring has a disadvantage in this matter. As it is very tough to repair and if you are using small planks then you can replace a single one but it may not match with the color.

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Looks: Hardwood always looks far better than laminate wood flooring. Because hardwood flooring carries a natural look while laminate wood flooring doesn’t. So the look of hardwood wood flooring is much more attractive and beautiful than laminate wood flooring.

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