Alternanthera (Little Ruby)

Profitable home plants (7)

This plant is tough and can tolerate the heat easily. It is also resistant to many diseases and also to many insects. They have a foliar color throughout the season. The height of this plant remains 8 to 12 inches for all the seasons.

Woody Ornaments

Profitable home plants (8)

These are the types of shrubs, whose branches can be harvested and sold to the florists for decoration purpose. It has colorful stems and different designer stems too. These are the annual plants like vegetables. Some of their uses are:

  • It can be used in crafty arrangements
  • You can earn in all the seasons cultivating this plant.

Colocasia (Jack Giant)

Profitable home plants (9)

It is a green foliage plant that attracts the buyers. It is a perennial plant that is beautiful to look at. You can sell this plant and earn handsome amount of money.

Japanese Maples

Profitable home plants (10)

Japanese maples were earlier grown by the gardeners. These are the small trees that can be grown in small containers and are beautiful to look at. These trees have limited supply and high prices. It is really profitable to cultivate these showy trees.