Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations


New Year’s eve, of course, it comes once in a year and it’s the only evening when whole world enjoy the celebration. Even people have plans to go any famous destination with family, girlfriend and friends. The fireworks, shining colored lights and especially the music make an even beautiful and enjoyable. And it’s an amazing experience for people to enjoy New Year’s Eve with unknowns. Undoubtedly, many of people have dream or plan to celebrate this eve at some specific destination. And these New Year’s Eve destinations are providing the opportunity to choose desired destination in whole world.

Bellagio Hotel opening fireworks. 10/18/98

New Year’s Eve destinations

Everyone has a dream that this year he/she would celebrate last night of December month at any big or famous place. And that’s really exciting and interesting, as it is going to be memorable moment of life. At this occasion, you must have look at these creative examples of rock paintings around the world.

At this occasion, every hotel looks so decorative and when it comes to enjoying stuff, beaches are the best place to lay down with partner and viewing the fireworks in sky. Here couples are recommended to get tickets for Hawaii gala as there is a good mixture of traditional New Year’s with old fashionable touch.

New Year's Eve Destinations1

Madeira, Portugal:
If you have a wish to enjoy samba and disco night, better to reach this destination. This place is also known as heaven on earth as the way of decoration and lighting can hypnotize anyone to fell in love with this place.


Goa, India:
People, who like to spend time in calm atmosphere, must go for this place. At this place, people can have the scenic beauty of sand, light and surf and when it comes to enjoy in hotels, Goa serves best world class facilities.

New Year's Eve Destinations3

Tokyo, Japan:
This is Japan’s greatest city and undoubtedly known as world class celebration for this eve. And once you have enjoyed eve then one can try night club for naughtier time. One unavoidable thing is world class DJs and well costumed dancers.

New Year's Eve Destinations4

The exotic beauty and charm of Morocco may let anyone to fell in love with this place. And people can enjoy desert safari and surely this is going to be most memorable New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year's Eve Destinations5

Cape town, South Africa:
This place is truly a complete package of entertainment, either it’s about food, music or fireworks. And on this festival, carnivals are great source of attraction as 80,000 tourists can be seen here, every year.

New Year's Eve Destinations6

Las Vegas, Nevada:
People, who are fond of gambling can choose this destination to celebrate and here many concerts can be seen as performed by world class artists. The music band, food, lights and fireworks makes this place so as to consider as best destination.

Bellagio Hotel opening fireworks. 10/18/98

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Here, Brazilian females, dressed up in white color attire and give tourists eye-catching performance. In Rio, this is party time and if you have decide to go this place you will see that every doorstep celebration. Some traditional music and dance form may enough to please tourists.

New Year's Eve Destinations8

Sydney, Australia:
Once you have visited this place, it would be an iconic celebration experience. The harbour city allows people to enjoy the astonishing view. Fireworks lights in sky have reflection in water and water surface glows amazingly.

New Year's Eve Destinations9

Miami, USA:
Who would not want to spend time here? More than 25,000 local and international visitors come there and enjoy fully. Miami is very famous for its beach and natural scenic beauty of sea. When it comes to watch lighting and eating best food, this place is worth.

New Year's Eve Destinations10

Sometimes, it’s good to celebrate New Year’s Eve far away from the house and home city. By spending time with unknown visitors gives unforgettable experience. But sometimes, choosing a New Year’s Eve destinations make people confused. Viewing all these places might boost up your interest to select any of these.


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