Necessary iPhone Traveling Apps: Guiding you the Best

iPhone Traveling Apps (11)

iPhone had bring out different apps for its users and these apps are really interesting that had made the user experience easily. This time here are some of the iPhone travelling apps that can make your tour successful.

iPhone Traveling Apps

FlightTrack 5

iPhone Traveling Apps (1)

You can use this app while you are travelling on air. It will track:

  • The arrival and departure information about the flight
  • The gate numbers you have to use
  • Flights changes and delays
  • It is compatible to tracks international flights too.

It will cost your around $4.99.


iPhone Traveling Apps (2)

This application will provide you the list of local gas spots that will fill your fuel at affordable price. Other features include:

  • It helps you to find cheapest gas station near your place.
  • It is completely free.


iPhone Traveling Apps (1)

This app is a great application that provides you with the list of best locations of restaurants, sports complex, hotels and things that you like during your travel. You can also get familiar to different places using this application.


iPhone Traveling Apps (3)

It is always great to have a good guide in your pocket, while you are travelling to place for the first time. This app acts as a guide that provides you

  • Audio tour guide
  • You can learn about different places
  • It includes around 300000 location around the world

It will cost you $2.99.

Rest Area

iPhone Traveling Apps (4)

This is one of the best apps for iPhone that allows you to find the places to stop in highway. It makes use of the GPS feature and finds the service centers, rest areas, and welcome areas for you. It contains all the information about the particular rest area.

OffMaps 2

iPhone Traveling Apps (5)

This app relies on the native maps for its navigation. This application lets you to download the map for your tour for offline help. Other features include:

  • It saves the map to your phone
  • It can bookmark the location on map.
  • It costs you $0.99 to download the first two maps. You can buy premium version at $5.99 and donload unlimited maps.


iPhone Traveling Apps (6)

It tells you about the nearby gas station locations, nearby exits, restaurants, hotels, rest areas and lots more. It works on GPS and is available for free.

Packing Pro

iPhone Traveling Apps (7)

This app is made for you if you are a person that forgets even the small things. This application will recommend you list for different types of trips. You can buy this for $2.99.


iPhone Traveling Apps (8)

This app is completely free for 30 days but will later charge you $14.99 for 24 months subscription. Some of its features are:

  • It will find the lowest price gas stations for you along with the list of prices
  • It provides you with the accurate list of stations and prices.

Phone Tracker

iPhone Traveling Apps (9)

This is another helpful app for you that will help you out in tracking the location of your lost phone. If you lost your phone during travel, you can find it back through GPS system connecting the other’s phone to your one. It costs you $2.99.


iPhone Traveling Apps (10)

This is another great application that will help you out in finding the places like gas pumps, restaurants, hotels, etc. on way of your travel. It also works on offline mode without connecting to your phone’s GPS. It costs you around $1.99.

Anti Drowse

iPhone Traveling Apps (1)

It is a great travel companion. It will give you startling noises on the given interval. It cannot update your trip length after you have started driving.

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