10 most wacky plants in the world


Today, there are more than 37,500 species of plants all around the world. And many of species can be seen only in jungle or any specific area on this planet. Actually it depends on the circumstances and requirement of their roots to growth. Huge distinctions can be seen while going through out deeply in plant’s world. Sometimes it has been breaking news of finding a new species of plants on news channels and internet. People living with passion of planting and who are in profession of plants fields always seek for new species which have not seen before. And we hope these 10 most wacky plants in the world; we shared below to full fill the curiosity of people.
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10 most wacky plants in the world

A specific species of plant got famous because of its beautiful color combination, flower and its smell. People distinguish the plants as per their smell, size, seasonal growth and beauty also. Here we talk about wacky plants or we can use synonyms for it as weird, bizarre and strange plants.

Dionaea muscipula:
This is one of the most famous plants in world and considered as carnivorous because of its active trap. This is also known as Venus fly trap with two hinged leaves. Its leaves with small hairs can detect tinny aunts around it and can trap shut within one second.
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Rafflesia arnoldii:
Belongs to one of world’s largest flower. If you are planning to plant this flower in your garden then it would make you famous in society. Because it has 3 foot length across weighing more than 15 pounds.
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Corpse flower:
A mature one can have 200pounds weight. While giving a look at this flower, it seems like it was in movie avatar. This flower smells like rotting meat and this smell protect it to be eaten by animals. It would make you in wonder and will show the reason of being wacky.
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Witches’ butter:
First take a look at this flower, isn’t looks cute and funny ?. It does not have any flavour taste but obviously have beautiful attire with yellow color. It reproduces by both asexual and sexual production and rare to see.
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It’s too wacky as because of many reasons; mosquitoes lay down their larva on it. Animals like monkeys seems drink from it. But it looks like a rat digested and its diet includes frong, lizard and other small animals.
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Cape sundew:
Basically it originates from south Africa and by watching it seems like very slowly growing plant. And its food is insects and mosquitoes and interesting thing to know is this plant wrap insects slowly not a rapidly.
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Bear’s head tooth mushroom:
Looking wise its looks like soft beautiful white color fur and it can grow on branches. This wacky plant is rare to find out.most wacky plants in the world7.1most wacky plants in the world7

Silver torch cactus:
This plant is wacky because it has very unusual condition. It can grow in -10 degree temperature and can be found in Argentina. Its usual cactus plant with silver color and that’s indicates the name of it.
most wacky plants in the world8.1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dragon’s blood tree:
What a name the dragon’s blood tree, isn’t sounds cool. The shape and its growing nature make it wacky. Looks like shadow giver and amazing to see in bunch. This can be find out in Socotra.
most wacky plants in the world9.1Dragon Blood Tree

Hydnora Africana:
Its looks like a monster just because of its presence on ground. It totally grows under the ground but only flower comes above the ground. It smells like poop and that’s why beetles want to go near it. And then it trap them all.
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People who are fond of gardening and planting trees with awareness about plants in society always reveal their experience.And even they search for most wacky plants in the world. Many organization of plants and trees organize program and seminar about plants, in fact botany as subject comes under academic studies. There are very interesting things to know about plants as funny, weirdness and classy behavior. Plants have their own historic value but now due to lack of fertile land unfavorable climatic condition they reached to very less in counting. All we need to spread awareness about plants and should have to love to learn about their life. Let’s start the awareness with these wacky plants.


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