Plants, though very useful to us, may act as life threats to human. There are many poisonous plants that may even kill you. Most poisonous plants are found in deep forests or sea due to the soothing environment of the forest and sea. There are some deadly plants existing in nature and are killing animals and human beings due to poison present in them. Here is the list of top 10 most poisonous plants that could kill you or have some adverse effect on you.

Most Poisonous Plants1.1

Most Poisonous Plants

Giant Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii)

This plant was discovered 5000 feet above sea level in Philippines on Mount Victoria. This plant secretes nectar like substance to lure the prey into the enzyme and acid pool.

Most Poisonous Plants1

  • The series of sticky downward ribs make it nearly impossible to for the prey to escape
  • This plant is 30 centimeters in diameter
  • It is a carnivore plant
  • It has more than 600 species and found in nitrogen deficient environment

Lily of the valley

This plant is entirely poisonous. Consuming any part of this plant will cause vomiting, mouth pain, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, or abdominal pain.

Most Poisonous Plants2

Strychnine Tree

This is well known as Quaker Button or Poison nut and is a medium sized tree. This plant is generally found in India or South East Asia.

Most Poisonous Plants3

  • The orange fruit of this tree is highly toxic filled with Brucine and Strychnine
  • 30 mg of these toxics can fatal the adult and can cause painful death

Nerium oleander (aka Oleander)

This is one of the most dangerous shrubs. All parts of this plant contain toxic chemicals called cardiac glycosides that may cause cardiac arrest. So, do not chew any part of this plant even by mistake.

Most Poisonous Plants4

Castor Bean Plant (Ricinus Communis)

This plant could be purchased from any garden center. This plant contains deadly poison ricin. The ricin is stored in the seeds of plant.

Most Poisonous Plants5

  • Ricin obtained from the plant can be used in weapons
  • It can easily kill human beings

Abrus precatorius (Rosary Pea, Crab’s Eye, aka Jequirity)

This plant is generally found in Indonesia and the vibrant red, white, and black beads of this plant are used in percussion instrument. The seeds contain toxin- Abrin and very poisonous. It is very fatal to humans as it inactive the ribosome in human body.

Most Poisonous Plants6