Top 10 Most Magical Places in the World: Really Exists!

Most Magical Places in the World (11)

There are many places around the world that will make you whether these places really exist or not. People are often shocked to know about such places. If you are keen to know about some of these places then here is the list of 10 most magical places in the world for you.

Uluru- The Monolith

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Uluru is the largest geologic monolith of the world. It is situated in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park of Australia. Some of the important points to note are:

  • It is a 9.4 kilometer (5.8 mile) large slab made up of Arkose (Type of Sandstone)
  • It is called Ayer’s Rock by Europeans
  • It is of sacred importance for Anangu people
  • It has caves and waterholes
  • Uluru is visible tip of a big rock that extends deep into the Earth.
  • Rock is made of Iron minerals and clay, which give it red complexion.

The Crooked Forest

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It is located outside Nowe Czarnowo in West Pomerania, Poland. Some of the amzing points to note about it are:

  • It contains around 400 pine trees, all having bent trunks.
  • They were planted in 1939
  • It is still unknown that who planted them and why

Cuenca- The Enchanted City

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Cuenca- the city in central Spain in Castile-La Mancha is popular for its hanging houses. The houses resemble the shape of mushrooms and look really creative. These houses are actually the result of erosion of surface.

The Great Barrier Reef- New Life Deep in Sea

Twin Bommies, GBR

It is one of the largest coral reefs around the world. It is located in Coral Sea, near coast of Queensland in Australia. Some interesting facts to know about this place are:

  • It is visible from outer space
  • It is famous destination for scuba diving

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

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It is a paradisiacal pool, actually a blowhole. It is located on island of Upolu, Samoa. It is one of the most amazing places of the world to go swimming. Be brave to dive in it and explore depths.

The Crack of Silfra


It is the most curious occurrence of boundaries of North America and European Tectonic plates. Silfra crack is adjacent to Lake Thingvalla. Some interesting facts to note are:

  • It is filled with glacial melt water that is crystal clear
  • The narrow slit plunges 20 meters (66feet) deep into the Earth.
  • Divers visit here every year to dive between two continents
  • The cave divers having good experience can explore depth of around 45 meters (148 feet) swimming into Silfra Cave System.

Ball’s Pyramid


It is the tallest sea tack of the world. It is the remains of shield volcano that was formed around 7 million years ago. It is located to southeast of Lord Howe Island in Pacific Ocean. It is around 562 meter high.


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