People, sitting in concert hall, cheer and clap for performer after watching his/her performance in concert hall. Of course performer deserves that appreciation and encouragement from audience side. At the same time while sitting in hall, audience would have a thought about the design, structure and aesthetically interior and external view of that hall. Generally they do like the structure and sometimes got surprised by its constructive style. But don’t go deep inside its making style or technology behind it. There are many of concert halls around the world but it’s not possible for everyone to go there for looking. But we are Trying to make this easy for you as we represent ten most beautiful concert halls in the world.Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World0

Ten most beautiful concert halls in the world

Actually it is depend on the architecture’s imagination and interior designs suitable for thousands of people seats with no echo. A world class concert hall always hit the heartbeats of audience and viewers.

National Center for the Performing Arts – China:
This was designed by French architect Paul Andrew and the construction was started in 2001 and ended up in 2007. Its structure has ellipsoid dome in center which is surrounded by artificial lake giving a beautiful looks. Also have seats more than 5,000 for audience.
Beijing National TheatreMost Beautiful Concert Halls in the World1

The Oslo Opera House- Oslo, Norway:
This is considered as the largest cultural building in Norway and more than that this is the home of ballet and national opera. This building is constructed in Bjorvika and contains total area 414,000 sq.ft. Also there are 1,100 rooms and 1,364 seats in hall.Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World2.1Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World2

Royal Albert Hall-London, England:
Royal Albert hall situated in the city of Westminster, England-London and it has been considered as cultural hall of art and science but later name was changed by Queen Victoria. And it hosts near about 350 events every year.
Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World3.1Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World3

Carnegie Hall- New York City, USA:
This concert hall also known as most famous hall for both, the classical music and popular modern music as well. This concert venue situated in Manhattan of New York City and designed by William Burnet Tuthill- architect. It also rented out for other companies, firms and other social performances.Program     JAMES EAKIN Flowers Over the Graves of War (World Premiere)     GREG GILPIN A Child's Credo/In Virtute Tua (World Premiere)     And additional works by Greg GilpinMost Beautiful Concert Halls in the World4

Palacio de Bellas Artes (Cultural center) Mexico city- Mexico:
This is well known as cultural center of Mexico city, Mexico. Its construction was started first in 1904 but due to subsoil issues causes the construction stopped. But later on construction began again in 1932 and completed in 1934.Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World5.1Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the World5