Making a man cave requires lots of efforts and after giving 10 months time to the task it has finally been brought to a conclusion. Different concepts and methods from various people have finally made the whole project a complete success. The completion includes a series of tasks and things which have been listed below for your guidance and reference.

Making of a Man Cave1

Making of a Man Cave

This is one of the biggest do it yourself projects as it involves brain storming where in new ideas can be developed for creating a cave which would be suitable and comfortable for sustaining life of a human inside it. In this project the biggest challenge was to convert a small laundry room into a man cave. Imagining the task itself is a difficult thing to do, but surprisingly it has been turned into reality.

Building shelves

Making of a Man Cave2

Utilizing the smallest space is the most challenging part, so the first thing which can be done for making the place more comfortable and useful is by building shelves within the place. The shelves were constructed using raw wood and also the unfinished pipes which were of no use to anyone. This idea involved lots of labor and work, but it was not an impossible thing to do. You can also check some movable shelving designs for your home.

After putting in efforts and continuous dedicating towards the work, finally the desired output was produced which was nothing less than perfect. The shelf also had a built in desk which could be used for various purposes, and the shelf was placed at the main wall making it completely useful and one of the most important part in the cave. The presence of shelf at the place made the place look livelier and it changed the place into a much different one than it was before.

Placing slabs on the shelf

Making of a Man Cave3

After shelf has been installed on the wall, it can be broken down into small parts of room such that useful things can be placed in the cave. Right pieces have to be installed properly in the place. People carving out a cave can place some of the most important things of their life on the corners. This is one of the most interesting concepts which can be used by individuals to give cave a more personal touch.


Making of a Man Cave4

Placing a locker in the cave is another good idea, and it can be purchased from any of the showrooms which have antique pieces. Pick up a perfect color and ensure that it has a good storage capacity. The locker placed can be used for various purposes like for storing clothes, valuable commodities or other items which are of use to the person living in the cave.

Converting locker into a wine storage cabin

Making of a Man Cave5-horz

Some people are fond of wine than anything else in the world, and I am sure while buying a storage locker they might think of storing wine within it. Well same can be done with the locker that has been placed in the cave.

Color of the cave

Making of a Man Cave6

Colors which can make you feel like home and gives positive vibes should be chosen as the base coat for the walls. For a man cave a color which matches up the personality of a man /and is more masculine can be picked up for painting the walls of the cave. Some wall icons could possible add some flavors to the color of the cave.

The Shelves

Making of a Man Cave7-horz

The placement of shelves had added so much of functionality in the room, where now things can be kept on the right place and can be stored properly. Also things of storage and display can be segregated and kept under different parts of the shelves. The area of the desk on shelves can be used for keeping electronics items such as TV, computers or other systems which could be of use while living at the place.

The work on shelves started on with large wood planks and was finally ended by creating some of the most beautiful pieces which were used for the creation of shelves.

Wall of the Gallery

Making of a Man Cave8-horz

Deciding on what to put on walls is another difficult thing to decide on; after all it gives a finishing touch to the room or a place. One of the ideas of covering your walls with is by making use of pictures of any of your favourite people, team or places These pictures can be placed within the wooden frames to make it look more prominent and beautiful.

This whole idea may look a good amount of time, but once they have been placed on the corner walls I am sure you would love it and also your idea of designing the wall in such a different way.

Decor of the cave

Making of a Man Cave9

Something which can keep the place look like a part of industry and also provide storage should be chosen as decor for the cave. Cheapest items on stock can be looked upon and then the best pieces like baskets or other things can be chosen for storage and decor of the place.

The wire baskets are one of the best things for storing things as it allows individuals to have a look as to what commodity is stored inside the basket.

The other personal items should also be placed on the corners of the home to make the person feel connected to the home.

A letter organizer can also be installed at one corner of the wall which shall store letters or other important cards at one place. The biggest benefit of having it is, it keeps the things organized at one place.

Letters and cards which have good memories can be marked as good rounds while the ones which have bad memories should be marked as bad thus segregating them into two sections.

Round table

Making of a Man Cave10

Having a round table with phone and some money placed on it is another good idea.

A rug and a single sofa along with it complete the combination and allows individual to lay back and rest on it.

Stamp holder

Making of a Man Cave11

A vintage stamp holder can also be placed which shall organize and collect the stamps at one single place.

These small steps can finally help you to create or a man cave in the best possible way.