How to Grow Strawberries in your Home Garden

how to grow straberries2

No one can deny that strawberries are one of the best fruits and also got the preference as desserts. First impression is its bright red color which can tend anyone to become a fan of this fruit. In various countries, farmers are growing plenty of strawberries. Of course in market, demand of this fruit has become higher and still increasing day by day. Sometimes, in houses, people also want to grow Strawberries in garden or at farm, not only as a food but also to make a garden astonish. Here, we come with tips, types and problems regarding this tasty fruit in order to enhance our reader’s knowledge.
how to grow straberries2

How to grow strawberries

Have you ever wanted to see strawberries on Dinning table all the day in fruit bucket or plate? Sometimes it’s good to have strawberries in refrigerator so that kids or adult can have it at any time. Undoubtedly, this is incredibly delicious in taste and also has beautiful color.

When and where should we grow Strawberries:
First, one should know about the types of strawberries are available there so as in accordance with suitable climatic conditions. Every plant has its own season. And strawberries grow in January to February.

The task of growing strawberries at home is surely a DIY. The basic way to grow strawberries is simple as one can have pots and raised bed level in garden. So that drainage system and waste stuff in the house can be used also.

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Types of strawberries:
If have decided to grow this tasty fruit in home then it would be better to know the types of strawberries first. Top most famous and usual strawberry varieties are as:
Baron solemacher
Giant Robinson
Pink panda
Red chief

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Things to remember before growing strawberries:
However, it is quite easy to grow a tasty fruit plant but in order to get favourable result, one should know some rules and important things about growing strawberry.

Soil: Always prefer weed-free site location and also make sure that soil gets at least more than eight hours sunlight. First check that whether if in that land tomatoes or peppers have not grown before.

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Fertility: If the soil has good fertility that means strawberries will be soft. In fact in the growing season, liquid potash feed should be given to soil in every one to two weeks.
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Plants uses water as well in photosynthesis process. If no water given to soil properly, it would leads to unhealthy results for strawberries. Make sure water must be one inch with in every week. This is the most important thing to remember if wants to know about how to grow strawberries. And don’y forget to make a shelter also.

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Straw and weeds:
Actually in first year of growing strawberries owner should have brave heart to cut first straw so that root may get stronger. Keep waiting for nest year surprising cake! As everybody knows straw mulch actually helps a lot. Straw keeps weeds down below the soil so that leaves may not let cover that.

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Now the time has come. The blooming time of rich red and delicious strawberries to get ripen berries after the thirty day of bloom. And use a light soft paper towel so as to keep the flavour safe or a bucket can also be used. And once you harvest them all, don’t forget to refrigerate them immediately.
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This juicy and tasty fruit have taken over all the fruits. We have seen in markets and also in television that sometimes ice cream and shake get missed with strawberry to make it tasty and best flavour. It’s actually a healthy fruit and people have a dream to grow this fruit in their house. The types, tips and method regarding how to grow strawberries may let boost up readers to grow it.


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