How to Design a Small Bathroom: 10 Tips

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Bathroom is one of such places, where most of the people feel relaxed and enjoy playing with water for long times. The big bathrooms in big homes are really luxurious and comfortable. The small bathrooms must be designed well to give comfort to the person, whoever bath in the bathroom. One of the most common issues with people these days is how to design a small bathroom. This is not at all difficult. You need to have a perfect idea to design a small bathroom. Here are some important tips to design your small bathroom wonderfully.

How to Design a Small Bathroom1.1

How to Design a Small Bathroom

Tiling will help

How to Design a Small Bathroom1

A good bathroom must be tiled well. This enhances the look of the bathroom.

  • It makes the bathroom look bigger
  • You must go for dark colored tiles to avoid visible spots

You should avoid textures in bathrooms that are used daily

How to Design a Small Bathroom2

The bathrooms with textures that are heavily used may be a store house of collection spots for mildew, toothpaste, or mold. Textures should be avoided because:

  • They cause visible spots on sinks, tiles, or walls
  • The spotted walls and tiles in the bathroom look ugly

No Enclosure Showers with Drains right in the floor

How to Design a Small Bathroom3

The Euro showers give feeling of openness. Sometimes, the showers may have drain right in the floor.

  • This result in leakage of water
  • It decomposes the tiles and walls

So, have a good drainage system and the tiles must be fixed properly. This will not let the walls and floors to decompose.

Use Opaque Windows

How to Design a Small Bathroom4

You must use the opaque filters and even the skylights for letting the light to filter into all the parts of the bathroom.

  • The frosted skinny glass ensures that you save a good on energy by placing low wattage bulb in bathroom
  • Water condensation must be looked properly to avoid the maintenance issues in future

Use Wall mounted toilets

How to Design a Small Bathroom5

These type of toilets mounted on the walls contribute greatly in saving a good space. This is one of the best ways to save space and make your bathroom look clean and bigger.

Look for fixtures with single handle

How to Design a Small Bathroom6

You can use the fixtures having single handle rather than separate cold and hot taps. This is the perfect choice in modern bathrooms.

  • This saves a little space
  • You can even save the little money in pipes and drilling of holes

Use Pedestal Sink

How to Design a Small Bathroom7

This is a good looking sink. You can set it at any corner of the bathroom and then you can utilize the above space for any purpose.

Go for the mirror on wall above the sink

How to Design a Small Bathroom8

This is another effective way to save space in your bathroom. A mirror must be placed on the wall above the sink. It can serve different purposes:

  • Use while shaving
  • Used for looking ourselves for any dirt left after bathing

Vanities should be wall mounted

How to Design a Small Bathroom9

Most of the vanities in your bathroom must be mounted on the walls. These vanities must be high on walls so that the dead space in not created between floor and the walls.

Put on some anti-slip floor mats

How to Design a Small Bathroom10

Most of the time people fall while coming out of the bathroom. The anti-slip floor mats serve this purpose. It protects you from getting slipped.

So these were some important tips to that you can follow while designing a small bathroom. You need to choose the design model and then the vanities to put own.


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