Top 10 Hidden Wonders of Disneyland

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Who would not want to visit Disneyland, of course everybody does and as all know Disneyland is one of the famous and entertaining place on earth. Undoubtedly, people have wishes to visit famous world class places with family and friends. Like if one has decided to celebrate last night of December month, better to visit these New Year’s Eve destinations. It’s like a dream come true for those people who have visited this place before. So, here the question is did you all know about hidden wonders of Disneyland? Yes, surprisingly there are many secrets that you would experience next time.

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Hidden wonders of disneyland

The magical place, park and the pirates of Caribbean are the most fascinating part of Disneyland. Kids and adults are huge fan of enjoying time at this place and it’s obvious though.

The hidden Mickeys:

As everybody knows about mickey mouse, of course this character helped Walt Disney to make a huge success all over the world. And while walking in Disneyland one can find more than 800 hidden Mickey Mouse character signs as in only ear or head shape.

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Private club with guest list (club33):
The club was built in 1967 and was opened for VIP guest actually. But luckily this place welcomes public as anyone can get membership, just need to pay membership fees. Club contains well furnished rooms and classy service of food so as to give guest full comfort.

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Matterhorn Mountain:
There are many rumours regarding this place as in park guests can enjoy coaster riding. The mountain houses a basketball court (half-court). There could any of reason behind it and few of people know that.

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This is the most ambitious areas in Disneyland and the greatest feature was adding Agrifuture. Most of times guest unnoticed this feature but actually it’s amazing as it indicates about future. Here, orange trees, strawberries bushels are a common thing to watch out.


Walt Disney light’s light at firehouse:
Walt Disney had personal living room above the main street firehouse and the noticeable thing is light. Which was for his presence, is still on and all the times. This light is unchanged and is located at exactly same place as it was.

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Mad Hatter Ride:
As shown in picture below, there are teacups and that purple colored cup spins faster as compared to other. If one has decided to enjoy faster ride, sit in the purple teacup.

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Indiana Jones:
While standing in line for going to the Indiana jones adventure, one can see sign attached to well. That’s says not to pull the rope but actually if you do opposite of it, you will hear a response from excavator from well. And it’s quite entertaining and picture shows the bottom level of well with bamboos.

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Death Certificate:
It’s one of the most horrible and entertaining part of hunted mansion as guest can ask as souvenir. So, don’t forget to ask for death certificate before entering hunted mansion. But remember that member don’t give it every guest.

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Free MAPS:
Being a guest you can ask for free map as it shows entire route of Jungle Cruise. One can have these free maps from cast members and it’s like free of cost service like death certificate in hunted mansion.

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Snow white’s scary adventures:
Here, as shown in picture whenever a person touches this apple, the queen laughs so maniacally. Well, it’s obvious but unexpected for newcomers especially and is a good surprise to scare guest.

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However, Disneyland is a wonder of surprises, fun and entertainment but sometimes people go and missed few aspects of it. Like, tourists and guests also like to shop at local street markets. And now these hidden wonders of Disneyland assure people that next time your visit is going to be more entertaining.


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