Ten fun facts about toilet paper

However, there is no need to introduce the toilet paper; of course everybody does know about it and its uses. Well this can be used as removing makeup, cleaning glass or mirror. Apart from its uses how many of people does know more about it like where it come from, history about it. There are also many interesting and funny facts related to toilet paper. Facts actually reveal the unknown and unbelievable truth about anything. And that’s how people get the new knowledge and also sounds interesting. And it comes to know about funny facts; definitely there is curiosity in everyone’s mind. Here we present ten fun facts about toilet paper and hoping to give you a funny dose.fun facts about toilet paper0

Ten facts about toilet paper

Usually people don’t think about some interesting and funny facts about this stuff, using after dirty job. Now we assure you to give some interesting secrets about this.

Billions of people don’t use toilet paper:
Isn’t sounds unusual and funny? Well toilet paper is used to be to clean back area and approx. four billions people does not use it. That means above 70% of world’s population have found another way.
Fun facts about toilet paper1

Toilet paper used for other work in daily life:
Now definitely there is a question stuck in minds about what to do more with this paper. Actually toilet paper is also used for cleaning glasses and mirrors. In fact sometimes it is used as nose care ad removing makeup.
Fun facts about toilet paper2

Hanging way of toilet paper may let you feel intelligent:
This is about pulling out of paper from roll , Smart thing to do is pull it from bottom side of hanging roll not from the top. Very helpful because it will consume less paper length and prevent the wastage of it.
Fun facts about toilet paper3

384 trees to make a toilet paper for single person:
Being a single person, how does it feel to know that only for you 384 trees are used to make a toilet paper for whole life. Now, start growing more plants or one day you will have to find other way for cleaning.
Fun facts about toilet paper4

Toilet paper used to make a wedding dress:
There was a competition organized for making a wedding dress with toilet paper and here winner
got the prize money as $2,000. Even sometimes brides also tried wedding dress made of toilet paper. That’s Creative and funny also.
Fun facts about toilet paper5

Flushing a toilet paper is against law:
Usually after cleaning back area people flush the paper. But not allowed in many countries. In many countries people don’t have to flush a toilet paper as by law. Only water is a solvent not the paper.
Fun facts about toilet paper6

How much could be the weight of it:
Even people used it daily, in fact twice a day sometimes. But have you ever think about its weight and dimension. It weighs 227grams in every roll with the average rolls. What if it would have heavy weight?
Fun facts about toilet paper7

U.S Army used it as camouflage:
It is very interesting and funny to know that once in desert storm army used toilet paper to camouflage their tanks and other stuff. Those brave soldiers know very well to use it in anyway.
Fun facts about toilet paper8

6 cents tax on per toilet paper roll:
This is very interesting and expecting to know about tax on toilet paper because of tress cutting. In 1996, President Clinton has passed a rule that people have to pay 6 cents tax per roll of toilet paper. And it’s still effective as “toilet paper tax”. Sounds like people flush money in face of a toilet paper.
Fun facts about toilet paper9

In desert island, toilet paper is necessary than food:
In a survey when asked to people, what to bring in desert island. More than 49% answered was in favor of toilet paper rather than food. This is the funniest fact to know about it of course they do know its uses.
People wait in line as they buy toilet paper in a super market in Caracas

Facts basically, a truth based on experience and after a long period of analyze. Funny facts are not only making a laugh but also to enhance the knowledge. In fact it’s a learning process which is not boring at least. In our world and in daily life routine there are hidden unrevealed and funny facts. Just need to find out them. Here as we mentioned above fun facts about toilet paper are not only to make a laugh but also for to increase the knowledge. Let’s start the journey of fun with these facts.

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