Now-a-days, when it comes to buy any product, people prefer shopping complex, Wal-Mart and sometimes online shopping . But, as in ancient times or also before centuries, street markets were famous for buying anything. Even sometimes, people decided do spend time with family or friends as New Year vacation so; these top 10 New Year’s Eve destinations must be added in list. And luckily many of street markets are exist even called as busiest place. Either people are on world tour or in any country and want to go for local food and clothes then these best street markets in the world are here for instance.

Best street markets in the world7

Best street markets in the world

Street markets are not only busiet place but also decorative destination to attract customers. So, one can take a look at  the spectacular examples of wall gardens as  for having beautiful garden to own a decorative garden.

Jemma El Fna, Marrakech, Morocco:
This is one of the most famous places in morocco to visit especially for newcomers. One can find any basic stuff used in house and the place owns large crowd. Tourists can enjoy here by viewing peddlers, snake charmers and magicians.

Best street markets in the world1

Union Square Greenmarket, New York city:
In 1970s it was a junkie hangout and especially known as food market. Shopkeepers and owners have modified this place now and here one can taste the best and delicious food.

Best street markets in the world2

Queen Victoria market, Australia:

This is the open market and having17 acres area. Here, locals came for buying daily needs and requirements. This place is major attraction for tourists as they can enjoy local foods and can buy stuff at cheap rate.

Best street markets in the world3

Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India:
Chandni chowk is one of the oldest and biggest market in India and is widely famous. Delhi is capital of India and plenty of visitors came there and their first choice to visit is Chandni Chowk.


Temple Street night market, Hong Kong:
As the name says this market starts in afternoon and in evening time traffic of people make this place so busiest. This place is famous for second hand devices and fashionable clothes.

Best street markets in the world5

Rialto Market, Venice, Italy:
This market location is on the bank of grand canal and while walking around in market, one can enjoy the beautiful view of eating and shopping near the canal. And it is not far away from the most famous Rialto Bridge.

Best street markets in the world6

Camden market, London:
In London, if one have decided to buy alternative clothes, handmade jewellery and much more. As this market is open at 9 am in morning so tourists can start their day with visiting this place.

Best street markets in the world7

Victoria park market, Auckland:
This is the oldest market place as trading began in 1984 and this place is amazing mixture of stalls and food stores. Countless local people and tourists came there daily as they can easily get trendy clothes and shoes as well.

Sky Tower and Victoria Park Market, Auckland

Lancaster central market, United States:
This place has been in operation since before the 1740s and still is going on. Here, tourists came and buy hand made products and foods. Locals appreciate the variety of imported products.

Best street markets in the world9

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey:

This place receives more than 300,000 visitors daily and also known as oldest market in Istanbul. The market is totally enclosed and more than 3,200 shopkeepers sell products.

Best street markets in the world10

Being a tourist, visiting an oldest and crowded market place allows not only to use new products but also to get familiar with new different culture and life style. One of the major advantages is, these best street markets in the world are not costly or expensive to visit like hotels and shopping complex. So, anybody can visit these markets and can enjoy by buying goods, eating food and of course it could be a great memorable experience.