Street art is one of the most amazing visual art form created in public locations. It is extremely difficult to do street art with in unpredictable weather conditions on workplace. And the walls, street and the public assets are used for this art creation. Definitely they- street artist, deserve lot of respect and love. There are many countries where the street artists have amazing talent and they have accepted this art as their profession. Painting in public location, using tools like chisel, cutter, hammer and many more make this work even harder and time consuming also. Street artist have great imagination regarding what he is going to portrait on wall or street. And we come up with top 10 best street artists in the world with their creative art samples.Best Street Artists in the world0

Top 10 best street artists in the world

Country: US
Work Niche: Stencils/installation
Bumblebee stencils represent the charm and innocence of childhood and his arts are famous all around in Los Angeles. Phone booths and the newspaper boxes within miniature bees are also interesting installations.
Best Street Artists in the world1.1Best Street Artists in the world1

Country: Spain
Work Niche: Murals
He is basically from Spain but now continue his art painting in Mexico. This artist have inborn talent and the way he painted art on walls and streets, looks lovely. And viewers used to get attracted to his narrative scenes to enjoy and to feel his art.Best Street Artists in the world2.1Best Street Artists in the world2

Country: US
Work Niche: Pasteups
Swoon is one of those artists, who used to portray their street art all around the world. She is from New York. Her working style is based on wood block pictures and then cut them into pieces and pasted on walls and streets. Overall the conclusion is to explaining the life of faces on blocks.Best Street Artists in the world3.1Best Street Artists in the world3

Country: France
Work Niche: Pasteups
Ludo is one the best street artists in France and actually known for his very creative series- Nature’s Revenge. His style to perform street art is unique and appreciable as well bright signatures too.Best Street Artists in the world4.1Best Street Artists in the world4

Country: France
Work Niche: Hand painted Pasteups
He have own unique style of hand painting and describe the ancient history mythology. One famous painting is- movie character’s paintings placed on exactly same place where it was filmed.Best Street Artists in the world5.1Best Street Artists in the world5

Country: US
Work Niche: Hand painted pasteups
Her paintings are usually glamorous and beautiful. And also the playing kids paintings which are famous in Los Angeles. She is magnificent artist with magic in her hands to draw paintings.Best Street Artists in the world6.1Best Street Artists in the world6

Country: Brazil
Work Niche: Murals
Nunca, has been creating stylish art form as various characters and politicians words. He is one of the finest street artists in Brazil and painted almost from Scotland to London. His murals are very innovative and give a realistic and effective impact.Best Street Artists in the world7.1Best Street Artists in the world7

Country: UK
Work Niche: Graffiti/ Sign-writing
Most noticeable thing about his work is that Barack Obama has Eine canvas given by David Cameron. He is best in street art and famous for his art work- Shutter Font. His graffiti work is also appreciable.Bein EineBest Street Artists in the world8

Country: UK
Work Niche: Murals
He is incredible as street artist undoubtedly but like others he is not belongs to famous place or big city. He has painted detailed animal myths and characters with scenes also.Best Street Artists in the world9Best Street Artists in the world9.1

Aakash Nihalani-
Country: UK
Work Niche: Tape
He is world class artist and also one of the best street artist in the world. His geometric shapes formed by colorful tapes with the help of complex pattern of illusions. His famous creations are of people and wall illusions.Best Street Artists in the world10.1Best Street Artists in the world10

As everybody knows that street artist are not so easy to find out. They are legends and deserve public respect and love but street art is illegal in some countries. All we need to support their talent, art and creativity. Here we have shared above best street artists of the world.